Hole Guide

Hole Guide


This looks a daunting opening hole but it ain’t really. Just pick out an iron that will comfortably reach the 150-yard markers. Land your ball between them and you’ve done the hardest bit, simple.

Par 4 - 374 Yards


Landing your ball beyond the left hand tree line will open up the fairway and leave your approach shot with one less hazard to contend with. A low to mid iron will get you there from the tee.

Par 4 - 346 Yards


A challenging par 3, which requires an accurate tee shot! Sounds crazy to even think you should lay up on a par 3, least of all to suggest it… but laying up anywhere short of green is a decent shot on this hole.

Par 3 - 199 Yards


Aim for the middle of fairway and if the shot drifts a little right that’s not too bad as it will leave you with a clear view of the green for your approach shot to green.

Par 4 - 378 Yards


A large fairway, so make sure you stick to it! For your second shot, pick out those magic 150-yard markers and try landing your ball on the higher tier of the fairway. The safest approach should be the gap you see between pond and large bunker, so avoid both, obvs!

Par 5 - 544 Yards


The bunker is a longer carry than it looks! Take particular note which direction the wind blows. If wind against, use back yardage AND then club up. Good luck on this hole!

Par 3 - 159


Get a good shot away and the hidden green is within closer reach than you will realise. Take note of the diagonal placement of the 150-yard markers. If the ‘world of pain’, which now faces you, doesn’t faze you and you’re happy with the direction for the green, then a mid-range iron should get you there. Otherwise, continue straight ahead with a short pitch layup. The green is then a sharp right turn.

Par 5 - 506 Yards


A very tricky hole, which requires another good tee shot. No need to be greedy though and go over the edge of the pond on right. Just a nice straight shot from the tee and then mid-range iron approach is all it takes.

Par 4 - 423


Pick out the three silver birch trees in the far distance for your tee shot. Anywhere on fairway between tee and said trees is a great shot. The green slopes up from front to rear, so don’t be scared to attack green with your next shot, especially if pin placement is mid to back of green.

Par 4 - 355 Yards


A medium to long iron towards a green sloping from back to front. Avoid the bunkers and downhill putts.

Par 3 - 206 Yards


Stroke index 1 and the start of the ditch holes. Avoid going left. In fact, avoid going right. Just hit the fairway! A five on here is good golf!

Par 4 - 424 Yards


The 12th is a long Par 4. If playing in to the wind, then a big drive is required off the tee. Ditches on both sides of fairway too, so be straight. If wind-with, then it’s still a big drive and may be a low to mid-range iron in to the green. Potentially par-able IF wind-with. Otherwise, just play it as a par 5, for goodness sakes!

Par 4 - 450 Yards


Be careful on this hole, slight dogleg right. Aim for the left-hand 150-yard marker. If the shot from tee cuts then you’ll be A1. If you’re decent hitter and pull it, then don’t be too long, otherwise you’ll arrive on the left-hand fairway or possibly worse. Quite a forgiving approach shot if you go left as the bank will kick your ball right. If you go right, beware of the hidden bunker. There is also another bunker at the back of the green!

Par 4 - 432 Yards


Stroke index 2 (should be one in my book). Fairway is quite wide but very visible OoB posts on the right-hand side, which seem to act as a magnet with your ball. Play safe, play it as a par 5! If you’re not a big hitter and don’t reach the corner then layup with a comfy mid-range iron. For the approach to a raised green, the target-landing zone is mid to right edge. Avoid going left of green as there is a cruel grass covered bunker discreetly placed front left! Hopefully the pin position is kind today.

Par 4 - 486 Yards


Home straight now and two back-to-back par 5’s. If the wind is with, happy days! Three low to mid irons will get you on the green. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. For your 2nd shot, be sure to land your ball between or just beyond the magic 150-yard markers. The view on the highest point of the course is very pleasant (let’s hope your golf has been too?). Your approach should always be hit left of wherever the pin is.

Par 5 - 499 Yards


After a long walk, take a short rest to catch your breath! Welcome to the easiest hole on the course. From the tee, aim for the left-hand 150-yard marker and whack that ball! A good hit will give you a great chance to land on the two-tier green in two. If attempting to approach the green in two, play to the right of the last left-hand tree. The ball should cut and then kick right when it hits the ground. If your distance is good then you have two putts for birdie, so well done!

Par 5 - 513 Yards


Wow! This hole is hard so apologies. I’m not going to repeat what I said about the 3rd so good luck getting over the bunkers or between them. Wherever you land your ball the bank and/or sloping green will take a great deal of the ‘sting’ out. Unless your tee-shot is thinned or just obscenely too big (and you’ve simply selected and hit the wrong club), this is a long 195 yarder!

Par 3 - 212 Yards


OOB on both sides but the hole funnels open with everything running to left side. So keep your tee shot right of center. You don’t need to be long and if your scoring has been good take a low to mid-range iron from the tee. The approach is right edge of gr

Par 4 - 340 Yards